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Who we are

Fungus Fanaticus is an Oxfordshire-based mushroom foraying group. We are a member group of the Association of British Fungus Groups (ABFG) and run a series of forays and mycological workshops over the course of the year.

You do not need to be a mushroom expert to come on a foray. It's a learning environment and participants are from all walks of life - sharing knowledge and expertise. If you enjoy the great outdoors and nature, then you'll enjoy a foray!


For more information on the ABFG, please click here. The ABFG is a registered charity (No. 1118651).

Home Mycoculture

Fungus Fanaticus also runs one day workshops on home mycoculture (mushroom growing). Sterile culture techniques are explored from taking spore prints, spore germination through to the final fruiting.





Left: Amanita muscaria. Courtesy of the A.B.F.G.

Right: Pluteus ostreatus. Courtesy of the A.B.F.G.





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